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Arsenal locker room allegedly opposed to Mikel Arteta managerial appointment

The fan-favorite midfielder allegedly isn’t thought of very highly in the locker room

Manchester City v Chelsea - Premier League Photo by Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images

Before we get into it, a full disclaimer that this “report” comes from The S*n, a vile and detestable outlet that should always be taken with a mountain of salt. Okay then.

According to said publication, via Football365:

Arsenal’s stars are strongly opposed to the appointment of Arteta, with some said to be unwilling to play under their former teammate. Furthermore, it’s suggested in the report that some of them see the Spaniard of having too high an opinion of himself and arrogant; characteristics which alienated him from his teammates during his time at the Emirates as a player.

Though there are an increasing number of reports of player anger, frustration, disillusion, disappointment, etc. with Arsene Wenger, a number of players still rmain loyal to him and would seemingly prefer for the embattled manager to stay on through his contract to try and right the ship. However, with recent results resembling a dumpster fire, it’s not unreasonable for the club to be compiling its options going forward and the fan-favorite Spanish midfielder is certainly someone who seems to be grooming himself for such a role.

It’s true that Arteta has less than a year of managerial experience and it’s also true that returning to the club at such a difficult moment would be a tough challenge even for the most veteran of manager, but if this club is to mire itself in managerial incompetency and then it might as well select someone with top, top Lego man hair to lead the charge, at least according to those who are in favor of signing Pep Guardiola’s latest protege.

Stay tuned for more as this subject will seemingly never die and any number of human beings with pulses will inevitably be linked to this role in the coming months.