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Sporcle Friday: Real or fake?

watching the future
Photo credit should read SAUL LOEB/AFP/Getty Images

This week’s Sporcle is a little bit of a curveball, as it’s not necessarily Arsenal-related. You may remember a while back when CFC did a whole thing about generating names for an English football pyramid using machine learning? Well, they took it a step further and created histories and backstories for a lot of the teams, and now, a few months later, they’ve gone and made a Sporcle quiz out of it. The quiz is why I didn’t link to the original CFC article above, because that’d be like giving you the answer key, and nobody learns when everybody cheats, right?

Anyway, the quiz is simple. In 10 minutes, you have to identify whether the team name you see is the name of a real team, or is one of the artificially generated ones. I only got 12 - these are really good fakes.

As usual, if you can’t see the quiz below, click here to take it at sporcle. Have fun and good luck.