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xGunners: Arsenal 5, Everton 1 stats review

Arsenal dominated

Arsenal v Everton - Premier League Photo by Michael Regan/Getty Images

Arsenal were quick to get over the disappointment in the midweek against Swansea. Within the first six minutes Arsenal had the opening goal and then continued to add on, eventually adding three more in their second straight 4-0 first half at the Emirates.

Even better, the new signings Henrikh Mkhitaryan and Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang were excellent in their home debuts. Arsenal played some of their best attacking football in a while and even if the defense was a little shaky, the Gunners might have added enough offensive fire power to be able to outscore most teams.

xG Maps!

Arsenal got going early and continued to add on.

Arsenal’s danger zone cluster looks really nice.

This was a well deserved win for Arsenal.

Passing, xG Chain and Total Offense Added

Mesut Özil led Arsenal in Passing Value added (like almost always) and it was pretty clear that with Alexis Sanchez gone the offense will flow through him.

Mkhitaryan hat trick of Assists

Mkhitaryan looked like he is feeling free after escaping Jose Mourinho’s soul sapping offense.

Overall he seemed to really gel well with the rest of Arsenal. He was always popping up in little pockets of space and from there he was very direct in attacking Everton.

Overall he created three key passes, three assists and all three were classified as big chances.

Adding some frosting to the cake of his offensive performance he chipped in three tackles as well.

And finally...

User Omicron942 via r/gunners

Photographic proof that Aubameyang was totally onside.