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Is this the look of Arsenal’s next home kit?

If so, it could be amazing.

PUMA Partners With Arsenal Football Club To Debut Monumental Cannon In Grand Central Station Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for PUMA

We’ve already seen some news about a rumored Arsenal kit for next year, and while this leak clearly isn’t a final design (the logo is in the wrong place for a game shirt, for one), it does at least give a hint as to what direction Arsenal will be going with next year’s kit, both color-wise and design-wise.

And today we saw yet another element in Arsenal’s 2018/19 designs, namely some of the training wear that will go with those new kits. And I gotta say, as a fan of the redcurrant that they wore in the final Highbury season, I like what I’m seeing so far. Not 100% sold on the brown yet, but the maroon/gold combination of the first jacket is pretty fantastic.

With this rumored to be Puma’s last year designing Arsenal’s kit and a move to adidas reportedly in the works, it’s good to see Puma not just mailing it in in their final season.