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VIDEO: Top 5 Premier League shots of week 25 by xG

Canada v United States Photo by David Madison/Getty Images

You know what’s fun? Reading articles about goals of the week, seeing pictures with a bunch of arrows and squares, and understanding what makes them so good from an xG perspective. You know what’s more fun? Watching video of those goals to further your understanding!

Here is this weeks video of the top five expected goals chances from around the Premier League for the midweek matches.

This will be a more-or-less weekly feature ‘round these parts, and it’s pretty great; adding the visual does so much more - for me at least - to explain the significance of xG than a still photo can, because you can watch the goal unfold and see what a high xG actually looks like in motion.

I will even put in comments during the video to highlight certain things that are important for the calculations of xG.

Normally I would also the lowest xG shots converted into goals, but this week there were really only good chances converted with an average xG for the goals of 0.363. Looking at shots outside the box where the majority of the low xG goals come from, there were 88 this week with just one was converted in to a goal.

Without further rambling watch the best chances of the week: