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Alexandre Lacazette out 4-6 weeks

A knee injury at the worst possible time.

2018 EPL Premier League Football Tottenham Hotspur v Arsenal Feb 10th Photo by Shaun Brooks/Action Plus via Getty Images

Fresh off a disappointing 0-1 hammering at the hands of rivals Tottenham, Arsenal received a bit of even worse news in the form of a knee injury to striker Alexande Lacazette. According to the club, “Lacazette had an arthroscopy on his left knee in London on Tuesday morning” with the procedure being deemed a success.

In a vacuum, the time out isn’t the biggest crisis the club could be going through as recently signed Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang can step in as the starting 9 in Lacazette’s place. Where the problem lies, however, is in the Europa League as Lacazette was expected to do the heavy lifting there due to Aubameyang’s cup tied status at the time of his transfer.

Given that Arsenal seems to be out of the top-4 race and relying on the European competition to secure a Champions League spot next season, Lacazette’s absence will surely be felt. Additionally, the striker depth now looks fearfully short as Danny Welbeck will now slot in as the backup option in Lacazette’s absence in the league and will get the starting nod in the Europa League. That’s... not ideal.

In any case, hopefully Lacazette’s rehab will trend more toward the four week timetable rather than anything prolonged. Get well soon, Alex.