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Friday cannon fodder: setting goals

Humana Rock ‘n’ Roll San Antonio Marathon & 1/2 Marathon - Day 2 Photo by Donald Miralle/Getty Images for Rock n’ Roll

I’ve recently become a big believer in setting specific goals for myself. In the past, I’d say, for example, “I want to read more,” and inevitably, it wouldn’t happen. Then I’d feel bad about falling short of my goal and would stop working towards it. Probably not the healthiest response, but what can you do.

Somehow I got the idea to restate my goals in quantifiable ways - it was probably advice from my mother or my father. “I want to read more” became “I want to read one book a month,” and suddenly everything seemed more doable.

My most recent goal was to get back in shape. A few months ago I stepped on the scale and saw a number I’d never seen before, which was, uh, not great. I set a target weight to hit before the turn of the year, and I’m happy to say that yesterday I achieved that goal!

So what are you working towards TSFers? Are you trying to get back into shape as well? Learning to play an instrument? To code? To cook? Something else?

Brag a little bit about your successes and commend others on theirs. Maybe you’ll inspire someone to set a new goal for themselves.