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Olivier Giroud is Mr. December

The former Gunner is featured this month on the Arsenal calendar

Welcome to December. This morning when I turned the page on my Arsenal wall calendar, I said goodbye to November cover boy Granit Xhaka and hello to Mr. December; Olivier Giroud?

Every year I purchase the official Arsenal wall calendar. Each of the twelve months features a different Arsenal player. Recently, however, I’ve been wondering who at Arsenal puts together these calendars? Shouldn’t there be better planning of which players are going to be included and for which month?

Olivier Giroud signed for Chelsea last January. Here we are eleven months later and there he is staring back at me in Arsenal red and white as if he never left.

I understand that these calendars are planned out in advance, but shouldn’t the club have an idea of who may be on the way out?

For example, throughout the summer of 2016 the never-ending Alexis Sanchez saga raged on. It was obvious that he would not be an Arsenal player much longer. He eventually was sent north to “win everything” with Manchester United before the close of the January transfer window. (sorry, couldn’t resist). It was a very contentious move that at the time was a major disappointment for Arsenal fans. What made it even more annoying was that none other than Sanchez was the face of January 2018 on the Arsenal calendar.

Another month that left me wondering this past year was August. There was Theo Walcott in an Arsenal jersey. Gooners will always remember Walcott fondly, but this past August he had already been an Everton player for eight months.

This week I received my brand new 2019 Arsenal calendar. January through May features Petr Cech, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, Alexandre Lacazette, Lucas Torreira and Nacho Monreal respectively. By the time June rolls around we are potentially looking at another ex-Arsenal player in Aaron Ramsey. Most fans are not happy with the Rambo situation, but it’s been apparent for a while that his future could possibly lie elsewhere. So why then would the club use his image on a month in the middle of the new year?

In the scheme of life I know this is not really a big deal. However, I wouldn’t be surprised if sometime in the future I turn the calendar page and see the face of Yaya Sanogo or Gervinho.