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Football Association punish Unai Emery for bottle kick

He did a bad thing and now pays the price

Southampton FC v Arsenal FC - Premier League Photo by Catherine Ivill/Getty Images

The Football Association have meted out their punishment for Unai Emery kicking a water bottle into the crowd during a match against Brighton, and it is £8,000, according to Sky Sports:

In the midst of a soporific 1-1 Boxing Day draw against the Seagulls, Emery lost his cool and booted a water bottle in frustration. As so often happens when one does something rash out of frustration, things go from bad to worse, and the bottle hit a Brighton supporter in the stands, which is “the worse.” To his credit, Emery immediately apologized to the fan and shook their hand, and he also apologized again after the match was over.

This gesture of good will was the right thing to do, and the fan probably went home feeling okay about the whole thing, but this punishment from the FA is fair and expected. Emery’s immediate mea culpa is probably why the fine seems relatively small, and it does not look like he will have to miss time on the touchline for the Gunners. Hopefully there will be fewer occasions for frustration going forward, and hopefully Emery will keep his cool.