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New Year’s Eve open thread

Ringing out, ringing in

Sydney Celebrates New Year’s Eve 2018 Photo by Brett Hemmings/Getty Images

Hi there! It’s the last day of the year. That of course naturally brings with it some reflection, on the goods, the bads, and the unforgettables of the prior year and hopes for the coming one. It also, for some, brings a party or gathering or other sort of celebration.

For me, New Year’s Eve is a chance to sit at home, drink too much wine, and watch those really dumb TV countdown shows, and mock them sort of FJM or MST3K style. We go out enough that going out isn’t a novelty, and I can’t imagine wanting to go out on one of the two nights a year that people who never go out get to go out and cut loose. It’s just not worth it. So, this year, we’re ordering in Indian food and watching TV.

As for those aforementioned lists? Well, here’s a few of my favorites from 2018:


- Sorry To Bother You
- Ocean’s 8
- Black Panther
- A Simple Favor


- What A Time To Be Alive - Superchunk
- All Nerve - The Breeders
- Digital Garbage - Mudhoney
- Filthy Friends - Invitation

TV shows:

- The Good Place
- Atlanta
- The Americans (probably one of the best series ending episodes since Six Feet Under)
- Pose
- BoJack Horseman

Books (DISCLAIMER: This is a short list, because I mostly read non-fiction books and a lot of the books I read this year were pre=2018):

- I’ll Be Gone In The Dark - Michelle McNamara
- Bad Blood - John Carreyrou

Other stuff:

- We saw Thomas Middleditch and Ben Schwartz do an improv show this year that was the funniest thing I’ve seen in a long time.
- We finally saw Hamilton. I hate musicals. I loved Hamilton.
- We saw David Bowie Is. It was amazing.

How was your year? Any big plans for the evening? Any resolutions? I don’t usually make resolutions, because I’m really bad at them, but I like cheerleading other people’s resolutions, so what’s your 2019 resolution?