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Arsenal will face either a lower league or non league opponent in the FA Cup

Solihull Moors v Blackpool - FA Cup Second Round Photo by Gareth Copley/Getty Images

Remember what I said earlier about the awesomeness of the FA Cup as it pertains to matchups? About how big teams and small teams are treated pretty much equally, and how that means there is a really strong possibility that the biggest teams may have to start this competition against tiny teams?

Well, guess what? It happened.

Instead of North London Derby Part 3, Arsenal drew the winner of the second round replay between Blackpool, in League One, and Solihull Moors of the National League. I personally hope for Solihull, because the National League doesn’t use the DH so it’s the game as it was meant to be... I love the concept of clubs like Arsenal going to non-league sides. Solihull, for those unaware, is a town of about 125,000 people just south of Birmingham in the West Midlands.

Away trips like that are fun for the fans of the local club who might never get to see a Premier League team in person otherwise, it’s probably fun for the players to, putting it in band terms, play small clubs instead of arenas, and it’s fun for announcers who get to fall all over themselves condescending to the clubs that dare not to be Premier League clubs and damn them with faint praise.

That Solihull/Blackpool replay - remember, after the third round, there are no more replays, just extra time and penalties - takes place next Tuesday, the 11th.