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Friday cannon fodder: happy holidays from TSF!

Berlin Jews Mark Hannukah Start Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images

In case the ubiquitous decorations, endless seasonal commercials, and jam-packed stores didn’t give it away, Christmas is right around the corner. Tuesday to be exact. The period of time from Thanksgiving through New Year’s Day is hands-down my favorite time of the year. For me, nothing beats spending time with family, eating delicious food, exchanging gifts, and holiday traditions. And watching sports. All of the sports.

Every Christmas Eve after opening presents (yes, my family does some of our presents on Christmas Eve), we watch A Charlie Brown Christmas. Every year we make the same comments about how mean the other children are to Charlie Brown, how ridiculous they all look dancing, and how, somehow, a group of children turned a glorified stick into a six foot tall tree. I always suggest that we watch the newer Christmas special as well, and inevitably, because someone in the family has already fallen asleep, I get shot down. Some things never change. I’m okay with it.

So what do you do for the holidays / did you do if you celebrated Hanukkah? Do you have any favorite family traditions? I’m hoping that at least some of you have some wacky / weird / different ones, but if you don’t, no worries - there is a lot to be said for a nice meal with the people you love (or at least tolerate). Perhaps you have a favorite dish or dessert that absolutely has to be on the table. Or maybe the holidays are the one time of year your entire family gets together. Let us know in the comments what your favorite things about this time of year are.

Seasons Greetings from all of us here at TSF. May all your poles be unadorned because tinsel distracts Frank, all your grievances be aired, and all your feats of strength injury-free. Goodness, if Arsenal could be injury free, now THAT would be a Festivus miracle.