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Other idiot Arsenal fans do idiot things, are also idiots

Not a great day for Arsenal supporters.

Arsenal v Liverpool - Premier League Photo by Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images

(warning: this piece contains a fair amount of industrial language)


Hot on the heels of a dumb. pointless thing done by an Arsenal fan, that is ultimately just dumb and pointless, come reports of something a lot more insidious, hateful, and out-and-out disgusting done by other Arsenal “fans”.

It seems that at least one person in the stands wearing Arsenal colors spent a portion of the match making hissing noises towards the Tottenham supporter section. Hissing, while it sounds benign enough, is a noise specifically done at Spurs’ Jewish fans, who historically have made up a large percentage of Tottenham’s support - NOT THAT THAT MATTERS IN THE SLIGHTEST AT ALL, BECAUSE THIS IS SPORTS, YOU STUPID FUCKING IDIOTS, AND YOU’RE ALL JUST DAMN SPECTATORS.

Annnnnnyway, this Arsenal person hissing was just one of several reported incidents in the crowd yesterday - apparently Arsenal “supporters” spat into the Spurs section, and another person in the stadium left “of his own volition” after a conflict with a fellow fan.

I mean.

I am not naive. I know how sports loyalties and rivalries work. I know they get passionate, they’re often irrational, and sometimes, it’s hard to separate love of your team from dislike of those who don’t love your team. But none of that is even remotely an excuse for racism, anti-Semitism, or starting a physical altercation with someone who is at the stadium to do the same thing you’re theoretically there to do - watch their team play a game. A damn GAME.

A game that, as if I need to remind people of this, had nothing of import at stake for the people in the stands watching it. There were literally no consequences to the fans if Arsenal won or lost - nobody was going to lose their house or a kidney because Arsenal lost, nobody was going to get a promotion at their job if Arsenal won. It was just a damn game, and a small handful of shitbags had to go and ruin it for the rest of us by forcing us to acknowledge their shitbaggery.

I know Tottenham as a club doesn’t read this blog, and I’m fairly sure that very few Tottenham supporters, in England or in the US, do either. And nobody who reads this blog was at the game, that I know of anyway. But even still, I feel like I need to offer an apology to the traveling Spurs fans, and to anyone who witnessed the asshattery at the Emirates last night.

That’s not who I believe the vast majority of Arsenal fans are, or how they conduct themselves, and it’s a shame that the actions of a brainless, idiotic few cast such a stupid, pointless shadow over the behavior of most of the 60,000 other people there yesterday.

Do better, Arsenal fans.