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Arsenal vs. Tottenham: Player ratings

How’d the lads do today?

Arsenal FC v Tottenham Hotspur - Premier League
Are you not entertained?
Photo by Julian Finney/Getty Images

Drink it in Gooners. That’s the sweet, sweet nectar of a North London Derby win. Arsenal are in 4th. They’re unbeaten in 19 straight. Sports are good. Life is good.

I was really, really tempted to add Eric Dier to the list, just so that we can pile on a bit more. But he probably feels foolish enough as it is for shushing the home crowd after a 30th minute a game his side ended up losing 4-2.

Let us know how you think the players did below! As usual, if you can’t see the form in this post, click here to go right to it, but either way, let’s hear what you thought, and feel free to tell us why you thought what you thought down below.

Here’s my suggestion: 10’s for EVERYONE. Unai Emery? 10. Lucas Torreira? 10. The ticket-taker at the Emirates? 10. That guy in the Arsenal kit at the grocery store that one time? 10.