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Idiot Arsenal fan throws bottle at Dele Alli, is idiot

Arsenal v Tottenham Hotspur - Carabao Cup: Quarter Final Photo by Alex Morton/Getty Images

Look. I get it. Sports can be frustrating. We’ve all, as sports fans, had moments where we’ve wanted to throw things - and I bet, in the privacy of our own homes/bars/wherever else, we have actually done so. I would even venture to say that things get thrown at stadiums on a regular basis - in supporter sections, when important goals get scored, beers get thrown in the air, for instance.

Where the line is, though, is when you’re in a stadium and actually aiming and throwing things at a player. That’s stupid, pointless, and dangerous, and if you do it you’re a damn idiot. Turns out there was at least one damn idiot at the Emirates today:

I mean, I’m all for disliking Spurs, and I was frustrated about today’s match too - but that could have caused some serious damage. The bottle hit Alli in the head! I’m nobody’s pearl-clutching, won’t-anybody-think-of-the-children person, but this was a really dumb thing to do and it’s an embarassment to the club and its very large, very not-throwy fanbase that one asshat had to ruin things.

So far, there has been no word from the club about finding or disciplining the idiot who did this, but if Arsenal are like any other top flight club, that idiot will be found and, hopefully, dealt with via a ban and/or a fine or something else.

I’m all for rivalry banter, and I’m all for sports passion - but throwing stuff at players (or referees) is the dumbest thing you could do, and I look forward to the dingus who did this not being allowed into the Emirates for quite some time.