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Hey, Portland: Come hang out with us!

Search Continues For Missing Mount Hood Climbers Photo by Craig Mitchelldyer/Getty Images

One of the drawbacks of following a team that plays its games half way around the world is that it’s really hard for us, as fans of that team who read the same website and have a community going, to all get together in real life and watch/go to a game. Add to that the fact that the writers of this site are similarly geographically dispersed, and it’s even trickier.

But as it happens, there are now three of us that live in Portland, and in my mind, that’s a quorum! Or a critical mass! Or something. Anyway, the three of us put our calendars together and figured out a date to do a meetup, where we can get together, hang out, and watch a game.

One of the issues with that, as you may or may not know, has been time - out here on the west coast, a lot of Arsenal games kick off at uncharitable - some may say punitive - hours of the day (5.30 AM is not uncommon). And there’s no way we’d force anyone to get out of bed that early just to hang out with a bunch of randos they’ve never met, awesome though we all may be.

Fortunately, there’s a game coming up next month at a much more reasonable time. On Saturday, January 19th, Arsenal host Chelsea at 9.30 AM out here on the west coast, so we figured that’d be as good a time as any to do an in-person meetup.

As all good Arsenal fans do, we are going to have said meetup at Beulahland (118 NE 28th Ave), which is Portland’s official Arsenal pub. It also has the advantage of being a great place to watch a game, staffed by awesome people. And they do a really good breakfast.

So if you live in or happen to be visiting Portland, and are free the morning of the 19th, put it on your calendar! I know it’s early, but with the holidays rapidly approaching, I figured now would be a good time to get this on people’s radar. We’ll talk more about it in the coming weeks, but for now, put it on your calendar - myself, Aidan, and Michael will be there, and it should be a lot of fun.