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Arsenal v. Southampton: Community player ratings

Southampton FC v Arsenal FC - Premier League

I can’t quite remember what today’s outcome is called. It wasn’t a win, wasn’t a draw; is a “notwin” a thing?

/holds finger to earpiece

I’m being told that what happened today was called a “loss”. I thought that only applied to, like, keys, or homework, or money in Las Vegas, but apparently sports teams can lose too! Who knew?

Anyway, for the first time since August, Arsenal end a match day with a loss, and not a particularly fun one (not that there really is a fun loss, but you know what I mean) - an injury-hit, makeshift lineup, play that was more late Wenger than early Emery, and a general malaise and apathy that might work against the Vorskla Poltavas of the world but won’t work against a lower-half Premier League team that is trying desperately to escape the relegation tractor beam.

Anyway, enough from us. What did you think? Rate the players’ performances below, and as usual, if you can’t see the form below, it’s right over here for your rating pleasure.