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Do you like soccer? Do you walk?

If the answer is yes, this is for you.

Beyond Sport Global Awards Photo by Roy Rochlin/Getty Images

Walking. It’s not just how we get from the couch to the kitchen, or how we get from work to the car/bus stop/train/whatever transport mode you use. It’s also a really, really fun way to see a city, whether it’s a city you’ve been to before or as a brand new visitor. Walking connects you to a place in a way that very few other modes of transportation can.

When you’re on foot, you can take your time. You can look up, look around, take your time, and see things that aren’t strictly at eye level, the way you’re restricted to that view when you’re driving or cycling, thanks to having to pay attention to your traffic situation more than your environment.

A lot of cities are keenly aware of this fact, and in any city of any size, both in the US and around the world, walking tours are becoming a very popular attraction for tourists. There are tours organized around any number of things - there are haunted-city tours, food tours, beer tours, history tours, bizarre-stuff tours, music tours...the list goes on.

As of now, you can add one more type of tour to that list, at least in New York City. Jocelyn Taub, a name you may recognize because she writes here and she’s awesome, has created a walking tour of NYC that focuses on soccer, which is also awesome.

From the press release announcing the tour company, Jocelyn says that Soccerwalks NYC will:

...take visitors on a 1.5-hour walking tour of historic New York City neighborhoods where immigrants settled and became Americans. In addition to the sites, the tours will include the history of soccer in New York City and how these various immigrants introduced the beautiful game to their new homeland.

I mean, that sounds pretty great, right? Walking around, learning about the history of both a great city AND its history with a great sport? Well, that’s not even remotely all you get! Once the walking tour is done,

After exploring the immigrant history of various New York City neighborhoods, we’ll stop in to one of NYC’s many soccer bars to experience what it’s like to watch your favorite team or league with a bunch of rabid football fans in New York City.

How awesome is that? You can choose one of their pre-planned tours, including the Boxing Day Brighton/Arsenal game (or the Saturday 12/29 Liverpool game), or, if you’re a fan of another team or league, arrange a tour that ends with watching your favorite team.

If all of that sounds good to you, and if you’re either in or planning to visit NYC soon, go to and check it out - you can see the schedule of tours and matches, read about the tour, and get excited for a pretty great way to check out the city and the game, and to support one of the awesome writers whose work you enjoy here at TSF.