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Arsenal’s Danny Welbeck leaves after horrific injury vs Sporting

This is a massive blow for the English striker and Arsenal

Arsenal v Sporting CP - UEFA Europa League - Group E Photo by Richard Heathcote/Getty Images

Danny Welbeck looked to have turned it around. In the past few months, the English striker had begun to put down a series of solid performances that made him the rumour of transfer talk and a return to the English National Team, earning a call up for the upcoming interlull.

How quickly things turn to dust.

In Arsenal’s latest brush with “don’t look at it” injuries, Welbeck came for a cross in a move you see every day. A little contact and a leap later he was on the ground in a lot of discomfort. Clutching his ankle and not looking all that with it, it immediately caused concern among players and fans alike.

He was swarmed by medical staff, given oxygen and looked pretty bad going off on the stretcher. Images have started to stream out over the internet so if you want to look, and full disclosure - ankles DO NOT BEND LIKE THAT so its not for the squeamish - here is a tweet from @afcstuff: it’s bad.

Welbeck had rounded into a valuable depth player for Arsenal, starting six games and being subbed in another seven, adding five goals and an assist in the supporting role. With a relatively light November, absence due to injury won’t affect the side much. With a horribly congested December, if his injury is as bad as it looks, Welbeck will be sorely missed. Also, having been the speculation of an upcoming transfer, this is a massive blow to his future as well.

Get well soon, Danny.