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Arsenal v. AFC Bournemouth: Player ratings

AFC Bournemouth v Arsenal FC - Premier League Photo by Dan Mullan/Getty Images

It’s good to be back, isn’t it? Even if “back” to us means just back in front of the TV on the couch or in the bar or whatever. After the final international break of the year, Arsenal picked up right where they left off, and even did themselves better - winning for the first time in four and extending their unbeaten streak to 17 and keeping Bournemouth on the other side of the top five conversation for another week or so.

This being Arsenal, it wasn’t simple, but they got the job done - and now there’s no more international breaks until early next year, so the season can just keep on rolling, as can, hopefully, the unbeaten streak.

Let us know how you think the players did below! As usual, if you can’t see the form in this post, click here to go right to it, but either way, let’s hear what you thought, and feel free to tell us why you thought what you thought down below.