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Friday open thread: content

NASCAR and Twitter Announce a Livestream Partnership for 2018 Photo by Robert Laberge/Getty Images

Happy Friday TSF’ers, and welcome to November! Glad to be back with you for Cannon Fodder. Hopefully it becomes more of a regular thing for me, because I enjoy doing it.

Lately, I’ve had the same conversation with a number of different friends about the amount of content out there on the internet, TV, radio, print, etc. - there’s just so much. I cannot hope to consume everything I want to. I’ve got lists of books and articles to read, shows and movies stacking up on Amazon and Netflix, podcasts accumulating, and new music to check out.

I recently watched the first season of Man in the High Castle on Amazon, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. It’s got the right balance of action and intrigue for my tastes. I was concerned that the whole “the Germans won WWII” thing might put me off, but I think the show handles it deftly.

As far as other content, I’ve really enjoyed Katie Nolan’s ESPN podcast “Sports?” She’s funny and has great insight / makes good points. It feels as if I’m listening in on her having a conversation as opposed to listening to something produced for an audience. I think the podcast also resonates because we’re both millennials and so we have common life experiences and perceive the world in a similar way.

Although it may seem strange given that I just lamented not being able to consume all the content I’ve got backed up, I’m always in the market for something new and interesting.

What have you been watching / listening to / reading these days? Do you look for anything in particular i.e. humor, action, new topics, relaxation, etc.? Is there a particular place you go to find new stuff?