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Arsenal Injury Update: Danny Welbeck is definitely hurt

Surgery appears to have gone well but we don’t know when he’ll be back.

Arsenal v Sporting CP - UEFA Europa League - Group E Photo by Richard Heathcote/Getty Images

Following the club release that two operations went well but no mention of a return timeline, Danny Welbeck appeared fairly happy in social media posts following surgery on his broken ankle, stating he’s set to come back “stronger than ever”. Take the small positives where you can.

Given Arsenal’s history of horrific ankle/foot/leg injuries at the club, from scary Ramsey’s to persistent Diaby’s to OH MY GOD LET HIM KEEP HIS LEG Cazorla’s, it’s nice to see that the repair was routine and Danny can get to getting well.

However, signs are that this won’t be an easy road for Dat Guy. The major issues is potential for persistent injuries. As indicated by The Daily Cannon, the reason for the two surgeries was to, first, stabilized the ankle and, second, repair joint damage from the break. Unlike straight breaks, a la Ramsey, Welbeck faces a slow process where re-injury is highly likely. This is far closer to an Eduardo or Diaby situation, in which case the process might not be completed in one year.

Hopefully, Welbeck heals well and can rebuild the strength to return to the Premier League but potential set backs are a worry. Wishing you all the best, Danny.