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Arsenal and adidas reach a kit deal worth £300m starting in 2019

This puts Arsenal near the top in most-valuable kit deals

Mesut Ozil New Face of Adidas Photo by Carlos Alvarez/Getty Images

Arsenal and adidas have confirmed what has long been rumored for over a year now, that being an agreement between the two sides in a kit deal starting in 2019/20 that will pay the club £300m over the following five years, becoming - at present - the third-richest kit deal in football, behind Barcelona (£140m/year) and Manchester United (£75m/year). Additionally, this deal will see Arsenal double their yearly kit deal revenue, which hopefully will continue their efforts to improve the team under new manager Unai Emery.

The agreement with adidas will end the current five-year deal Arsenal has had with fellow German manufacturers Puma, which started in 2013/14 after a long run with Nike. Puma came out of the gate with their trademark flashy designs and extremely tight-fitting shirts, but the last few years have produced mediocre kits, outside of last year’s “London nights” black and hot pink effort. Now it’s adidas’s turn, and now that this is official fans are and will be expecting the manufacturer to bring back an updated version of the “bruised banana” shirt from the 1991-93 seasons that is still wildly popular nearly 25 years later.

Given the amount of money involved and the attention it will no doubt receive, expect an effort from adidas sooner rather than later.