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Thursday cannon fodder: cabbage brawl

Lives Of The Saints On The Island Of St Helena
Cabbage: tasty to eat, unpleasant to have thrown at you, or so I imagine.
Photo by Leon Neal/Getty Images

Well y’all, it’s been a fun three days. PDB’s 3-day Vegas bender work conference ends today, so he’ll be resuming his Cannon Fodder duties tomorrow. Maybe I’ll convince him to let me pinch hit every now and then as a change of pace. So long and thanks for all the fish!

Barcelona down Tottenham 4-2 at Wembley
If you hadn’t heard, Tottenham are STILL playing their home matches at Wembley because apparently, their stadium is being built by semi-trained chimpanzees instead of construction workers. Leo Messi put on a masterclass in this one.

Liverpool lose 1-0 to Napoli at the death
Lorenzo Insigne’s 90th minute goal robbed Liverpool of a result and blew Group C wide open. Turns out when your club talisman from the previous season isn’t banging in goals at a record pace, things don’t go quite as well.

Have you ever been so mad that...
You threw a cabbage at someone? Apparently an Aston Villa fan was that mad with Steve Bruce. To add insult to injury, Bruce was fired shortly thereafter.

A guy who started playing professional football in 1986 is still playing
Last week, Japan’s Kazu Miura became (believed, but unconfirmed) the oldest player to ever score a goal as a professional footballer at the age of 51.

Adidas / college basketball have been under FBI & DOJ investigation for more than 2 years Here’s what has been going on. Hm. If you could pay college players, maybe there wouldn’t be as many back-alley, under-the-table, likely illegal cash exchanges happening.

Navy’s hockey goalie practiced with the St. Louis Blues
The Blues were in Annapolis on a preseason team-bonding weekend, the midshipmen were watching them practice, and the Blues needed another goalie on the ice. It’s pure things like this story that make me think things just might turn out okay in the world.

Parents brawl during handshake line of youth football game
I think the headline says it all here. Adults, please. Just don’t.

Snipehunt magazine helped shape Portland’s art and music scene
This is a longform article detailing the publication’s history. I selected it both because TSF has three staff living in Portland and because I came across it on If you’re not familiar with the site, it curates longform journalism from around the world and is a place to find fantastic writing. Check it out. You’re welcome.

Geguri is the only female player in the Overwatch League
Had to give you esports one last time. This is an older, feature article from ESPN the Magazine. At the time, there were no women slated to compete in the OWL. Mina Kimes traveled to South Korea to profile Geguri and take a deep dive into why she wasn’t with a professional team despite being more than good enough. Geguri has since signed with the Shanghai Dragons and was named to the league all-star game.