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Friday open thread: Other sports

World Series - Los Angeles Dodgers v Boston Red Sox - Game Two Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

Happy Friday! It’s late October, which means, among other things, that baseball is winding down. Baseball is the only other sport I really care about or follow with any seriousness, so the fact that 50% of my sports consumption is about to go away is always the most depressing part of October.

The MLB playoffs are great, and the World Series is fun, but after’s a long time till April, and while I’ve obviously got the Premier League and MLS and other soccer to keep me warm, one of the things I love about baseball is that it’s on literally every day in the summer and early fall, so I know that I can turn on the TV or fire up and watch some of a game, which is a great way to pass an evening at home.

What’s your sports world look like outside of soccer? Do you have a go-to or a fallback that is your comfort food? Do you follow all sports a little, or a few sports more intensely? If you’re just idly flipping channels, what sport will make you stop flipping and pay attention?

Also, since this is an open thread, what’s on your mind? Talk about anything (within the rules), because that’s what the Friday open thread is for! Ask us questions, tell us a story, you name it, this is your space.