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Alex Iwobi facing a fine thanks to a couple of snitches

BREAKING NEWS: Young adult caught having fun with friends in London

Arsenal Training Session Photo by Stuart MacFarlane/Arsenal FC via Getty Images

UPDATE 7.50AM PT: An actual, reputable news source that does actual, reputable reporting now has a more measured take on this...I hesitate to call it a “story”, but still. The Guardian says that Wenger will look at the incident, talk to Iwobi about it and decide what to do from there. See, other news source? That wasn’t hard! Try doing actual journalism some time!

­­­­Arsenal forward Alex Iwobi was out late in the morning at a house party where drugs were being used, claims the dirty shitrag (whose name is summarily banned from this blog and many others) that lied and purposely spread lies about Liverpool fans and Hillsborough victims – many of which were children - accusing them of being felonious hooligans who were directly responsible of their own deaths.

Cue the horror.

Arsene Wenger has responded as strongly as necessary to the allegations leveled by a tabloid owned by Donald Trump apologist Rupert Murdoch, a paper that up until recently leveraged its appeal by publishing exposed boobies within its first three pages, saying that if (and it’s a big “if”, at that) Iwobi was out partying like a normal 21 year old kid living in London less than 48 hours before a match he would be fined.

First of all, snitches get stiches. Second, who honestly cares besides this explosive rectal discharge waste of paper? I’m deadly serious.

Voyeuristic journalism and entertainment is and always has been inherently disgusting and a huge figure from this genre is now steering us towards nuclear war because, among other reasons, people couldn’t separate the guy on TV who sat behind the desk from the person he is and the morals and ethics he possesses. It’s not hard to judge people who spend hours a day absorbing this type of media as simpletons. And there are more simpletons in this world than I’m comfortable with who will happily buy today’s copy and use it as a tool to unfairly judge Iwobi because of a photo that has no proof of anything other than a young man who seems to be enjoying life.

In the case of the soiled diaper of a publication, mission accomplished.

They want people to see the black kid on the front page under the scandalous headline. They want you to easily connect the dots with their insinuations. They want you to think from now on of drugs whenever you see or hear about Alex Iwobi, even though he’s currently not the only player who’s been photographed in his private life having fun (and that’s it, there’s no photographic evidence of him doing anything but). This is what they do, and kudos to them they’ve done it well for over 50 years. All to shape minds that don’t care or know what’s being done to them. This is their lot in life, and Alex Iwobi just got innocently caught up in their web.

Oh, and just in case you forgot or don’t know, forever fuck Kelvin MacKenzie with Satan’s cock.