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Transfer rumor: David Luiz may be headed to the Emirates

Chelsea v Norwich City - The Emirates FA Cup Third Round Replay Photo by Mike Hewitt/Getty Images

Just when one Arsenal transfer rumor dies down, another one fires up. Recently the Twitterator threw this our way:

What? How? Well, your first grain-of-salt warning there is that this tweet is from a betting company, not a journalist. Said betting company has, clearly, a large vested interest in driving action to their site, and setting odds on something happening is literally why they exist. So, from that alone, I’d tend to just shrug my shoulders and move on.

But wait! An Actual News Source also has this story! The Daily Star, which isn’t the Guardian but is better than a lot of outlets, is also reporting that Luiz is the subject of negotiations between Arsenal and Chelsea, in the wake of Arsenal ending their pursuit of Jonny Evans.

The sticking point with Luiz, apparently, is wages - Luiz is on £130,000/week, and Arsenal would like the 30 year old to reduce that a bit. There’s also word from David Ornstein:

“Defence a clear concern” and yet here we are, seven hours before the deadline, and only now is the clear concern going to be addressed? I think he meant “late concern”. Either way, they’re trying to do something fast.

It remains to be seen whether Luiz, who seems unsettled at Chelsea, would be willing to drop his wages just to get a move going, but stranger things have happened. It also remains to be seen whether Luiz would be a huge upgrade, but that’s just me.

Watch this space as the day rolls on.