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Transfer rumor: Chuba Akpom off to Belgium?

Nottingham Forest v Arsenal - The Emirates FA Cup Third Round Photo by David Price/Arsenal FC via Getty Images

Well, this is shaping up to be A Day, isn’t it? In addition to all the Aubameyang and Giroud and everything else news, we get news that Chuba Akpom, Arsenal starlet and Hope For The Future, may be headed off on loan for the rest of the season, to Belgian club Sint-Truidense Voetbalvereniging, also, fortunately for us writers who like shorthand, known as STVV. This comes from SportWitness, about whose veracity I can’t really judge one way or the other, so take it with the appropriate grains of salt, but that story’s being picked up by several sources so it’s probably more true than not.

Akpom’s career at Arsenal has largely been spent on loan elsewhere, to limited/decent effect, and this move will hopefully keep his career advancing in that reasonably positive direction. I’m fairly sure the Akpom-as-Arsenal ship is sailing away from London ever so slowly, but if he can manage to play well in Belgium, maybe he’ll get another chance to stick with the Arsenal senior squad.

Akpom has been with Arsenal since he was six years old, and I’m sorry that his Arsenal career hasn’t taken off, but I do hope that he finds his place in the soccer world sooner than later. He’s a decent player with some upside, so hopefully, be it in Belgium or elsewhere, some team can tap in to that upside and make him into the player we all sorta hoped he’d become in London.