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Thursday cannon fodder: nightmare crest nailing reporter

Louis Vuitton : Front Row - Paris Fashion Week - Menswear F/W 2018-2019 Photo by Peter White/Getty Images

‘It looks like a Gaviscon ad’ – Leeds to reopen consultation over new crest | Football | The Guardian
Watching people dunk on Leeds all day yesterday was amazingly fun.

Darwin Quintero nearly hits ESPN reporter with shot (VIDEO) |
Club America's Darwin Quintero claimed it wasn't intentional. Not. Buying. It.

Miami MLS expansion: David Beckham franchise, stadium OK'd |
Miami finally appears to be getting an MLS team.

Wenger: More clarity and focus now Sanchez has gone - Football365
Nobody cuts people down more elegantly than Arsene Wenger.

Revisiting the '20 future England stars' picked by The Guardian in 2008 - Planet Football
Take a look at this list and tell me again about that 17 year old who is going to be huge someday.

The decline of the 18-yard box poacher in modern football
It was once a role that many teams relied on for their goal-scoring output, but the fox in the box striker is a dying breed in today's adapt or die game