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Never question Thierry Henry’s love for Arsenal

Alexis Sanchez backtracks

Statue of Arsenal Legend Unveiled Photo by David Price/Arsenal FC via Getty Images

Alexis Sanchez posted a supposed farewell message to Arsenal and the club’s fans on his Instagram page several days ago. In it, the Chilean wrote, “I remember today, a conversation I had with Henry, a historic Arsenal player, who changed club for the same reason and today is my turn.”

The implication was that Thierry Henry had advised Sanchez to leave Arsenal. In reality, Sanchez either misspoke or didn’t express himself clearly. (I’d like to think he didn’t just make up a story to suit his own needs). He has a limited understanding of English, and something must have gotten lost in translation.

Regardless, a number of supposed Arsenal fans attacked Henry and labeled him a traitor. Here are just a couple of angry tweets:

It was baffling to see supporters lashing out at a true club legend. Anyone who could question Henry’s love for Arsenal must not have seen him play during his time in England. He gave his all for the club over the course of eight seasons and even came back on loan briefly in 2012. Henry is Arsenal. In his farewell message to fans it was obvious he was choked up.

Unfortunately, Henry now works as part of the media and in this position he has to be impartial. It is annoying to hear a former player talking negatively about your club, but in recent years it’s been deserved criticism leveled at Arsenal.

It was ridiculous that Henry had to post the following to Twitter to appease some of the Arsenal fanbase:

The story was finally put to bed today when Sanchez admitted that Henry never told him to leave Arsenal.

Say what you want about Henry as a pundit, but no one can ever question his love for the Arsenal.