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Transfer Rumour: Arsenal pull out of Malcom deal

A deal for Bordeaux’s winger has appeared to have fallen through.

FC Girondins de Bordeaux v Montpellier Herault SC - Ligue 1
Please can I move to a bigger club?

Replacing Alexis Sanchez at Arsenal, should he go, was never going to be easy but many fans would have looked favourably on the addition of the Brazilian winger Malcom from Bordeaux. Young, quick and talented, it was at least a player to build upon a bright future. Well, scratch that:

Easy come, easy go.

The young player is having a good season for Bordeaux, putting up seven goals and six assists in 23 appearances, but at a rumoured price tag of £44 million, one can understand the hesitation to pull out the pen. That’s a lot for a 20-year-old without much football behind him. However, Ligue 1 has become a hotbed for such talents and with huge transfer fees going for players like Kylien Mbappe and Anthony Martial, even the next step down has become a pricey purchase. This is a feeder league that is finally doing things right by themselves.

Wenger also points to the potential arrival of Henrikh Mkhitaryan as a reason not to purchase, perhaps suggesting funds aren't as limitless as all the rumored signings suggest. Still, it is rather disappointing to see the team focus on right now solutions rather than preparing for the long-term.

Finally, perhaps Spurs swoops in, perhaps not. It is an even bigger price for them at an equal £40m + £10m add ons deal. With a stadium being built and players of their own to pay, funds for such a move would be eating up all Champions League profits before they are made or waiting on future sales. Such a January move feels equally unlikely.