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Jack Wilshere will have to take a haircut to stay at Arsenal

We swear this isn't another story about haircuts.

AFC Bournemouth v Arsenal - Premier League
Photo by Clive Rose/Getty Images

Arsenal have a history of needing to turn to a central midfielder in a pinch and say “OK, you’re in” when many wondered if their career at the club was over. While they just sold one of those players, Arsenal are actively in talks to re-sign their current midfield necessity, Jack Wilshere. But, the team looks to be aiming at a little reduction in salary to get it done.

Wilshere, who currently sits on a £110,000 a week salary, has only been offered £90,000 a week to continue his services at Arsenal. This would understandably be a bit of a disappointing offer for Super Jack, but it is reported that the team is citing his poor health record as the major reason why. Which, not having played more than over 30 games in the Premier League since 2009/10 season, is not that unreasonable grounds.

For his part, Jack has repeatedly stated he wants to stay in the Premier League and stay with Arsenal, but with other clubs out there likely willing to take a gamble on the Englishman’s residual hype from a promising youth, he may find more lucrative offers. It is up to Arsenal and the negotiations to determine if they budge from that number.

And also Wilshere’s play on the field. This season, Wilshere has started 15 games, all competitions, and featured in another 6, racking up 2 goals, 3 assists and 23 shots. Largely in cup competitions and, now, in relief of the injured Ramsey, he’s performed admirably if not up to the flashes of skill he once possessed.

It is unlikely he’ll ever be the player he once was touted to be but with increasing stamina and stability with more game time, as a squad player he could prove valuable to any club. What that is worth in the end, will likely be determined at season’s end.