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Arsenal fans vs. Arsenal haters: an evaluation

If you love the team, why does it seem like you hate the team?

Arsenal v Manchester City - Premier League - Emirates Stadium
The #WengerOut Brigade in full voice
Photo by Nick Potts/PA Images via Getty Images

Twitter has not been the most enjoyable place to be recently for Arsenal fans. Finding any positivity in between all the #WengerOut postings or the trashing of Granit Xhaka and Alex Iwobi is becoming increasingly difficult.

Then I came across this Tweet and it got me thinking.

The author is right. Before the Carabao Cup semi-final first leg at Stamford Bridge my timeline was filled with nothing but doom and gloom from Gooners. The overall feeling was that Arsenal would be humiliated by Chelsea.

To be fair, the match was pretty bad, but the 0-0 scoreline has to be looked at as a positive result overall with the second leg scheduled for the Emirates next week.

Instead, the haters were still out in full force with nothing but anger, insults and anti-Arsenal sentiment.

Now I myself may get hate and insults for this, but I do wonder why so many fans have turned their back on the team they supposedly support. I totally understand the disappointment and anger at the board and manager. However, if you’re a fan of the club, you should support the team.

Watford v Arsenal - Premier League
Arsenal fans on the road
Photo by Stephen Pond/Getty Images

It could be the Mets fan in me speaking, but I am used to rooting for a team that always lets me down. Despite that fact, myself and the rest of the Mets faithful keep going back for more punishment every season. The hope is that one day our club will not be the laughing stock of baseball and will win a championship. When that happens, it will be amazing.

I’ve supported Arsenal for close to 20 years and was fortunate enough to be a fan during the Thierry Henry, Dennis Bergkamp and Patrick Vieira era. Those teams had so much success and set the bar very high.

The current squad is nowhere near that of the Invincibles, but to put it in perspective they are currently sixth out of 92 teams in English football.

For real pain and suffering, check in with fans of former Premier League sides Coventry, Blackburn, Charlton and Portsmouth just to name a few, and then let me know how bad off Arsenal fans have it.