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Weekend qualifiers open thread

Serbia v United States Photo by Kent Horner/Getty Images

Sorry for the lateness of this for today’s games, but despite the fact that the Premier League is taking the weekend off, there’s a whole slew of qualifiers, friendlies, MLS, and lower league European games going on this weekend in its place.

England’s playing Malta right now, and Germany’s taking on the Czech Republic. The bigger game today for a lot of us, though, is the US qualifier against Costa Rica in Harrison, NJ at 4PM PT. The US has a great chance to solidify their qualification today; Costa Rica’s currently in second place in the Hex, three points ahead of the US. A US win will give them the inside track to a guaranteed spot at Russia 2018 after a disastrous start to their qualifying campaign.

Spain and Italy play each other tomorrow, preceded by the Republic of Ireland playing Georgia. In other words, there’s a bazillion games to watch today and tomorrow. While you’re watching them, why not hang out here and chat about them?

Broadcast information for all these games can be found at Enjoy the football feast!