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From bad to worse: Laurent Koscielny injured

or not I guess!

Chelsea v Arsenal - Training & Press Conference Photo by Yifan Ding/Getty Images

Well, this day just keeps getting better and better. First came the unmitigated disaster that was the transfer deadline - although, to be fair, there’s still three hours left to go before it can become a mitigated disaster. Now, in France’s World Cup qualifier against Holland, this happened:

This just happened a few minutes ago, so there’s no word yet as to severity or duration, but that...really didn’t look good.

We’ll update this story as we learn more. The transfer window closes in two hours, so I guess there’s still time to find a replacement? But they won’t. But they could. But they won’t. Welcome to Arsenal in the year 2017! This is where we are now, this is how things are gonna go. I think I need a drink.

UPDATE 1.35PM PT: Kos has apparently played the remainder of the match, so it would appear that he’s going to be OK. We’ll keep you updated.