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TRANSFER RUMOUR: Arsenal seeking cash and player in return for Alexis

Man City will have to offer up some talent for Alexis... but who?

Liverpool v Arsenal - Premier League
Photo by Michael Regan/Getty Images

Hours after potentially handing in a transfer request, or not, the rumour mill has gone into overdrive in the Alexis-To-Man-City saga. A long time target for Pep Guardiola’s Manchester City revival, Alexis Sanchez could finally get his wish to play with his old boss. But Arsenal want a little more than just money.

Reports today have them asking for cash plus Sergio Aguero. Wait, no, it’s cash and Raheem Sterling. Or perhaps not... Fabian Delph? What’s behind door number two? Ooooo, a new toaster.

Frankly, no one is quite clear on what the deal is. Early reports have Man City so keen on Alexis that they were offering the 22yo Sterling, who only joined Man City two years ago on a then-jaw-dropping £49 million deal. That was soon refuted by Man City, saying Arsenal had asked about his inclusion. Which was then switched to Aguero.

Still no understanding where Delph comes into it but his name is there!

The deal makes complete sense for Arsenal. Keeping Alexis is their best shot at ever turning the current mess around. He has the pure talent that can snatch a game or two from defeat and legs that don’t quit. Replacing that is probably not possible but Man City have a few attacking options that could lighten the blow. Sterling would fit with a long term rebuild, despite still being very good now, and Aguero for the immediate grasp at a top four spot. But why a player like Sterling or Aguero would want to leave Man City and join up with Wenger’s makeshift nonsense is beyond anyone, though. The deal could be harder to swing that the straight Alexis sale.

Details will likely keep flooding in but if early signs are any indication, it’s going to be a wild couple of days for Arsenal, at least on the rumour side of things.