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Transfer rumor: Alexis wants out (maybe)?

The hits just keep on comin’.

Liverpool v Arsenal - Premier League Photo by Michael Regan/Getty Images

So this weekend has been a blast! After the game Saturday, we found out this morning that Ox is probably off to Chelsea, which, fine, go. But now, on the Twitters, there’s this:

Caveats, of course, apply: there’s no story with this, I’m not sure how much inside access Shehab Khan has, and I’m not seeing this anywhere else just yet. But, it’s not like Alexis was settled and happy before this weekend, and it seems like a team performance like Saturday’s may have tipped him over into the “I want out” column sooner than expected.

I love Alexis; I want him to stay. But look at Arsenal right now. Does it legitimately matter if he does? Arsenal are on the verge of getting a whole lot worse before things get any better, and it’s not like with Alexis Arsenal were going to make headway in the Premier League anyway. While losing Alexis would suck, it’s not like removing him from the squad would mean much, because Arsenal have such deep, systemic issues right now that they’ll continue to dysfunction just fine without him.

Alexis is my Soccer Adrian Beltre; he’s being wasted on my favorite team, which is a tire fire, so I’d rather have him go somewhere he can be happy and do better, so I can still enjoy his play. At this point, with Arsenal being how they are, I’d rather sell him for the moneys rather than hanging on to him so he can walk next year for no compensation.

UPDATE 10.40 AM:

So, who knows?