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Where were you? Relive Danny Welbeck's famous Leicester goal

One of the brightest spots in our club’s recent history gets a second, deserved look

Arsenal v Leicester City - Premier League Photo by Ross Kinnaird/Getty Images

I vividly remember nearly tearing both knees after the ball bounced off the back of the net.

I was sitting on my bed, on my knees, not expecting much from Mesut Özil’s free kick as the clock had already ticked past the allotted time given by the fourth official in their much-anticipated match versus Leicester City on Valentine’s Day 2016. Somehow, when my brain registered what followed from the delivery and what the Danny Welbeck’s headed goal meant - not only for Arsenal, but for Welbeck himself, who was making his return from being out 10 months due to a knee injury - the rest of my body managed to leap off my shins, straight up into the air, deflecting awkwardly off the side of my mattress, falling uncontrollably to the floor and nearly driving my head through a wall in my bedroom.

I mean, just take a look at this, 18 months later, and tell me you still don’t get chills down your spine:

It’s certainly a memory that’s not going away anytime soon, a reaction I’ll probably never forget (most of all, thankful for escaping serious injury during a time of unfiltered joy).

So let’s hear it: where where you when Welbeck gave you visions of a league title that, ugh, never materialized? Did you lose your mind? Were you still hungover from the night before and ended up barfing from over-excitement?

If anything, watch the above clips to simply remember and feel what makes being a fan of this club so rewarding.