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Roundtable: What do we expect from Lacazette’s first season?

Defining what we believe to be a successful season

Sporting CP v Lyon - Friendly Match Photo by Carlos Rodrigues/Getty Images

Yesterday was an exciting day for those involved directly with Arsenal and those of us emotionally invested for a lifetime to this club. We broke our transfer record, we screamed for this for years.

We posed a the question to our writers after the #LacaNewSigning was announced, what would be a successful season for Lacazette considering he’s our record signing?

bozz - if we're talking about goal tallies I think 25-30 goals is a fair ask with the quality of teammates around him supplying him opportunities. I think the club should look to back him up with Giroud and Welbz, in that order (Lucas is probably a goner which is best for his own sanity). I don't need Lacazette scoring every single week or posting highlight after highlight, but a sense of consistency would be nice and maximum effort versus the bigger sides is needed. Intangible mumbo jumbo like that, but hey, at that price it's the kind of stuff you expect.

BWiggins - I would say 20+ goals but also stronger team performances overall. Giroud can score a lot of goals too, the main appeal of acquiring Lacazette is that he should add more fluidity, and especially more pace, to our front line which should make our attack a lot tougher for opponents to deal with.

Ted Harwood - I think it's defined by goals--and I'm hoping for at least 20 given the fee and his age--but I think he also needs to be an integral part of the attack. I'm hoping to see him work with Alexis and Theo and whoever else is up top with him to open up opportunities. If he ends up being just a poacher and still scores 25, that's fine, but I'm hoping for some assists as well.

PDB - I think it's defined by about an 80/20 split of goals and attacking diversity. He'll give Arsenal an option they haven't had in a while, a third way between Giroud's directness and Alexis' ethereal drifting with purpose, and that will serve Arsenal well. I am the guy who predicted that Danny Welbeck would score 20 goals a season for Arsenal, so take this prediction with that in mind, but I believe that, used correctly, I think Laca could get to 25 goals in this setup fairly easily.

Vic Akers (From inside the dressing room) - Anything below 20 goals, barring injuries, would be a big disappointment. He shouldn't merely be judged by his goals tally though. Arsenal have been looking for a mobile, goal-scoring striker for years, not just for the latter attribute, but the former's impact on overall team play. Ultimately, I think Lacazette will be judged by the overall attacking prowess of the team. If he really doesn't make our overall attack better, that may open the door for Giroud and Welbeck to sneak back into the starting XI. A successful year to me will be 25 goals and a more exciting and productive Arsenal attack this season.

Jmcatee - Defined by goals, but the timing of them.

Putting in a goal to go 2-0 wide of Southampton? Sure. Scoring an equalizer or go-ahead against City or Sp*rs? That's what will propel the signing into the "success" tier.

Consider the reputation of Özil now as being a player who has disappeared in the big games. That's the kind of thing that hangs in the air for drive-by analysts. For Lacazette to earn universal praise, yes, he'll likely need to top 20 goals, but he'll also need some of those to come in big games that put Arsenal back in the top four domestically.

AlsoNamedPhil - If Arsenal keep Alexis, I think the mark will be how involved in the attack Lacazette is. Should he provide assists as well as goals in the role, knowing Alexis will want to still rampage towards the net, then even if his goals don't having him in the top group of strikers, it'll be a success. I would look for a new fluidity to attack and see him score 15-20 goals and add 5+ assists. Should Alexis be sold, then the key is making Lacazette the focus of the attack and making it work. Then a successful season should be 20-25 goals, looking to replace the offense lost by Alexis' departure.

Mchrisman - In league play, Laca needs to 20+ goals and in top 5 for Golden Boot with the quality that will be behind him. Most tout him having the second highest conversion rate for strikers in top 5 leagues last year, so it’s time to show the goods. He has the pace, but so did Gervinho. We need to see the ball hit the back of the net. Here’s to a 3-4-3 with Alexis/Mesut/Lacazette putting fear into opposing backlines.

I particularly enjoyed his goal at the 1:10 mark