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Thursday cannon fodder: silent donkey sauce contract

Brasil Global Tour - Brazil v Argentina Photo by Michael Dodge/Getty Images for ICC

Lionel Messi: Barcelona forward agrees new deal - BBC Sport
Barcelona striker Lionel Messi agrees a contract extension which will keep him at the club until 2021.

WhatsApp, Fifa and takeaways: the perpetual evolution of unveilings | Simon Burnton | Football | The Guardian
Clubs have always used the latest communication technology to reveal new players.

Real Madrid to open a restaurant in downtown Miami | Sun-Sentinel
Hopefully it’ll be a step up from Guy Fieri levels of food artistry.

Wayne Rooney in Everton talks over return from Manchester United | Football | The Guardian
Wayne Rooney’s options seem to be Everton or MLS. I thin he could be a really good, Robbie Keane-level MLS player, but I can’t stand him, so I hope he chooses Everton.

New rule requires soccer parents to be silent |
The kids who kick are becoming overshadowed by the parents who throw temper tantrums. One league is doing something about it.

Everton are the Premier League's 'most American club' - Liverpool Echo
If you are an American who likes to see Americans in other contexts, maybe Everton should be your (second) team.