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Thursday cannon fodder: kicks in the nethers

MLS: Real Salt Lake at Portland Timbers
Not only was he stretchered off, he fell off the stretcher on the way
Jaime Valdez-USA TODAY Sports

Open thread today, with one main question: What’s the most frustrating loss in your sports fan life? Not necessarily the one with the most on the line, like a Super Bowl loss or a Cup final, but a loss in a game you thought your team might win?

Why do I ask? Because I just got back from a game that saw the Timbers get kicked really hard in a place you don’t want to get kicked, losing 4-1 to Real Salt Lake in a game that should have been, if not a Timber win, at least a closer game than it was. But it wasn’t, it was an embarrassment and a joke, probably the worst game I’ve seen the Timbers play in five years, and now I want to know what you as a sports fan have lived through that has been similar.

So, tell me your story. What game did you see or go to that went about 180 degrees different from how you thought it would or should go?