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Özil: I want to stay, and I want Alexis with me

Some words!

FC Barcelona v Arsenal FC - UEFA Champions League Round of 16: Second Leg Photo by Richard Heathcote/Getty Images

Oh, transfer sagas. You’re so tedious and so predictable and so everlasting. The latest installment in the Alexis/Özil transfer drama played out today, in the words of Mesut Özil who, when asked about his future, said:

“It is definitely my preference to stay, it is such a great club and I have always said that I feel very good at Arsenal,” said Ozil. “Once everyone is back in London we will sit down and discuss about the future.”

Notably missing from that are any noises about actually signing a contract. It’s a good sign that he seems to want to stay, but until pen hits paper (or fingers hit keyboard because DocuSign is awesome), it’s all just words, right?

Here are some other words Mesut said:

“I hope Alexis stays but I don’t know what the status is to be perfectly honest. I value him a lot as a player and he’s very well suited to the game Arsenal play.”

File that under “obvious things are obvious”, I guess. “I hope Alexis stays” is not exactly a statement with a lot of meat behind it - I mean, I hope I wake up tomorrow and find a million dollars in my bank account, but I don’t think that’s actually going to happen - but maybe if he’s saying that in public, he’s saying more to Alexis in private and encouraging him to stay? I dunno, but either way, it looks like Mesut Özil, at least, is probably going to be an Arsenal player this season.