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It’s time for Arsenal to ban The Sun from all club functions

BREAKING NEWS: Disgusting, vile tabloid does disgusting, vile thing

Everton v Hull City - Premier League
Hopefully also at the Arsenal
Photo by Mark Robinson/Getty Images

In case you somehow missed it earlier today, this is The Sun’s front page today:

Yet another depraved, twisted, gutless, cowardly act by a tabloid who’s only gained attention in the past for such things.

There’s no need to rehash their complicit role in covering up the Hillsborough tragedy on behalf of the guilty police force in this post; that eternal stain isn’t going anywhere. It’s painfully obvious to anyone who knows about their long history as well as recent, scandalous events that The Sun should have long been discredited and banned by Arsenal. But today, though, they crossed a line that shouldn’t ever see them back for another function at Arsenal.

It doesn’t matter a single iota what piece of clothing the terrorists were wearing on Saturday night. That was not, is not, and never will be the story. Families and friends are grieving over lost loved ones. A city and country is struggling to come to terms with another attack and what it all means for the future of their land. Yet this tabloid felt it worthy enough to not only lead their front page with such a headline above, but have chosen to include this completely-irrelevant piece of factoid in other multiple online headlines and lead paragraphs today. An act only the depraved and socially-unaccepted would do.

Arsenal, we demand you take away the press credentials of every single “journalist” from or affiliated with The Sun. Make a statement calling out the actions and ill-intent made by these heartless bastards. Set an example that while the freedom of press within the club is strong and ever-lasting, deliberate, undeserved maliciousness and shaming is not. A club that’s long accepted - before most every other footballing or sporting club in England - every person from all walks of life should feel dirty and ashamed to let back in a person from this tabloid who represents the very opposite of these ideals and morals.

If you feel just as angry and upset as we do, we call on you to take to social media and any other tool you can use to communicate to Arsenal that they ban The Sun. Let the club know this is a line crossed whose consequences are infinite and final. Help banish this organization back to the sewers they’ve long inhabited.