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Champions League final open thread

Arsenal aren’t involved, but that doesn’t mean you won’t watch!

Previews - UEFA Champions League Final Photo by Handout/UEFA via Getty Images

The last game of the European football season kicks off today in Cardiff, with Juventus taking on Real Madrid. Juve are looking to win just their third Champions League, and their first in 21 seasons, while Real Madrid are trying to fill up their egg carton with their 12th Champions League trophy, and also trying to become the first back-to-back winners of the competition since AC Milan in 1989-90.

I don’t think it’s really fair to call either rich team in a competition full of rich teams an “underdog”, but in a Champions League final, if you’re not Real Madrid, you’re kind of an underdog. Real have only lost three Champions League finals, the last of which was in 1981, so Juventus have a pretty hard task in front of them. I don’t really have a strong opinion either way, I honestly won’t lose sleep if Real win, but because of that sheer number of titles and appearances, I’m gonna be rooting for Juve today.

What about you? Who do you want to win? Are you going to watch? If so, hang out here and watch with The Short Fuse!


Real Madrid v. Juventus
European Champions League final


Saturday, June 3, 2017
11:45AM PT/2:45PM ET/7:45PM BT


Millennium Stadium Principality Stadium National Stadium Of Wales, Cardiff


In the US, on the Fox channel (the main Fox, not Fox Sports) or Fox Soccer 2 Go.
In the not-US, check