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Monday cannon fodder: hot

News: Summer Solstice Rob Schumacher-USA TODAY Sports

I don’t know about where you are, but it was indeed grossly hot in Portland this weekend. I mostly stayed inside my glorious centrally-AC’d condo, except for a couple trips to the grocery store and to a Timbers/Sounders game that didn’t go as I’d hoped. The heat is gone though, it’s supposed to be 20+ degrees cooler today than yesterday, so I’m happy. How was your weekend?

Martín Rodríguez strikes equaliser against Australia to take Chile to semis | Football | The Guardian
Martín Rodríguez struck a second-half equaliser after James Troisi opened the scoring in Moscow as Chile edged into the Confederations Cup semi-finals, where they will play Portugal.

Mexican soccer fans are reluctant to give up a favorite chant — an anti-gay slur - LA Times
Mexico's national soccer team has been repeatedly fined because it's fans keep screaming an anti-gay slur. Reminder: it’s 2017.

Fifa looking into Russia football doping claims from McLaren report - BBC Sport
Doping? In soccer? In Russia? THE DEVIL YOU SAY

Premier League Clubs Survival Was Ensured by Performance Director's Contribution Mid-Season | 90min
Fitness expert Dr Ryland Morgans explains how he changed the attitude of the Crystal Palace players to save them from the drop to the Championship last season.

Rachel Yankey: ‘There aren’t enough female managers. Barriers need to be broken down’ | Football | The Guardian
One of the most decorated players in women’s football is at the forefront of a campaign to deliver more Uefa-qualified female coaches and believes they would bring different qualities to the job.