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Here’s how not to do transfer rumors

Good clickbait does not equal truth.

Arsenal v Everton - Premier League Photo by Clive Mason/Getty Images

Transfer rumors are, as much as I dislike them, a necessary evil. Every summer, there’s a wild swirl of rumors around every top team and every top player, and this summer’s no different. This is especially true at Summer 2017 Arsenal, who are facing one of their most pivotal transfer summers in recent memory as they try to get back to the Champions League next season, and as they try to determine the futures of both Mesut Özil and Alexis Sanchez.

It’s the latter that is the subject of one of the dumbest things I’ve seen in a while. It’s from the Telegraph, which isn’t usually one to traffic in these sorts of things, but it is a great example of what not to believe when it comes to wild, unfounded transfer rumors.

I mean, is it possible that Alexis is leaving? Sure it is. Is it possible that, if that were the case, Welbeck would grab the #7 shirt? Sure, why not! But: is it possible that the club store would know this before the club announces it? Probably not. Is it possible that the club store would sanction the sale of a WELBECK 7 kit before Alexis is actually, officially gone? Highly doubtful.

What’s more likely is that someone in the club shop or IT department was just messing around, or, what might be even more realistic, they were getting a few different website templates ready to go, with varying permutations of numbers and names, just in case transfer-y things happen quickly, and one of them went live because someone checked the wrong box in Salesforce or something.

If ever there was a great illustration of “Don’t believe everything you read”, it’s this story.