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2016-2017 Arsenal Season Review: Goal of the Season

Goals! Goals! Goals!

Arsenal v Manchester City - The Emirates FA Cup Semi-Final Photo by Julian Finney/Getty Images,

It’s an old football proverb: You don’t win games without goals.

OK, so maybe that’s the point of the whole game. Still, as fans we cheer every kick that goes in regardless of how ugly they may be. So when a goal is worked well, it becomes a thing of beauty and skill that is worth celebrating again. Arsenal didn’t have the biggest offensive campaigns, ending up with the 5th highest total in Premier League goals (how odd), but here were some of the best (as determined by the TSF staff... but mostly me because I’m writing it):

5. Lucas Perez v Bournemouth

You may be forgiven for thinking that Lucas Perez didn’t do anything for Arsenal this season. But he actually featured in 21 games (9 starts, 12 subs) and scored 7 goals. I’m as shocked as you are. None were better than this:

Alexis to Xhaka, who puts it right at Giroud’s feet. Giroud then does a Giroud-y thing and clips the ball loopingly ahead, which normally would be easy fodder. Except it falls to Lucas and smash. Not to shabby... why didn’t he play more?

4. Granit Xhaka vs Hull City

Things learned about Granit Xhaka this year: he’s positionally aware, loves to distribute, loves a hard challenge (and cards) and, on occasion, belts them:

There have been debates over how impressive long range efforts are as some feel an aware keeper will always get to them but it takes a little extra skill to put them in like that. Absolute screamer.

3. Laurent Koscielny vs Southampton

Central defenders can bag more than their share of goals. Being, usually, the tallest members of a team and astute headers defensively, they come in handing on set pieces. Which is why when this ball fell to Laurent Koscielny it was a surprise to no one when he heade--OH!

Didn’t know you had it in you, Kos. Still trying to figure out the best part of that clip: Koscielny’s skill, Francis Coquelin trying to rip his shirt off in celebration or Arsene Wenger strutting around like he expected that to happen.

2. Mesut Özil v Ludogorets

Arsenal regain the ball, Mohammed Elneny launches it to a streaking Mesut Özil and then the master takes over:

(Note: I do not apologize for the music... it’s perfect and I will fight you.)

Arsenal get credit for a lot of team goals. This is a brilliant solo effort. Özil had his share of goals this year but that one is damn memorable. I’m pretty sure I could punk 4 year-olds like that... he’s doing yit to grown men. Also, it gave us this:

Mesut Ozil is mathematical perfection.

1. Olivier Giroud vs Crystal Palace

It really wasn’t going to be anything else, was it?

My goodness. So much to love about this goal. Strong defense from the back, worked up with the help of a lovely flick from Olivier Giroud, pushed out to Alexis, Giroud busting his gut to get there and with no time to think... THAT.

Oh, and he completely made us forget Henrikh Mkhitaryan did anything similar which was even better. Goal of Arsenal’s Season; Goal of the Premier League Season.


What was Arsenal’s Goal of the Season?

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  • 2%
    Lucas v Bournemouth
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    Xhaka v Hull City
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    Koscielny v Southampton
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  • 28%
    Ozil v Ludogorets
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  • 63%
    Giroud v Crystal Palace
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