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Arsenal make staff changes

New backroom personnel are appointed to the club

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Arsenal v Chelsea - The Emirates FA Cup Final Photo by Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images

While Arsenal may not be extremely active adding new players, the club have been active adding new backroom staff and other personnel, perhaps indicating the club's commitment to making the necessary changes as we head towards the later stage of Arsène Wenger's time at Arsenal.

Huss Fahmy, a lawyer for the Team Sky cycling team has been appointed to the legal team with responsibilities for contracts.

Meanwhile, Darren Burgess will become the Director of Performance, with his brief on the fitness side of things. Burgess, described as a 'genius' works for the Port Adelaide Australian Rules Football team, but has experience in football, previously working for Liverpool. Burgess will focus on psychology, fitness, diet and other aspects that affect physical performance throughout the football club.

It is unclear whether this will involve Shad Forsythe, hired in 2014. Arsenal have seen some improvement in the injury department under Forsythe, though some players continue to suffer from frequent injury.