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Arsenal 2017/18 home shirt leaked

Drop top, kit drop

Arsenal v Hull City - Premier League Photo by Mike Hewitt/Getty Images

In recent weeks leaks of Arsenal’s away and third shirts have been leaked out on the twitterverse and been reviewed here at The Short Fuse. Today we got our second taste of what the new and most important, home shirt, will look like. One thing I think most Gooners alike can agree with is loving that Arsenal has a known identity worldwide just by the template of their shirt. Red shirt, white sleeves. It should be simple, right? Not quite, kits used to live on two year cycles before a new design with slight altercations being made, now we live in a world where every team in the Premier League receives three entirely new kits each and every season.

Above is just a promotional ad that has been leaked featuring what looks to be the Gryffindor common room at Hogwarts with an Arsenal theme. Alexis Sanchez, Mesut Özil, Per Mertesacker, Petr Cech, and are shown with random fans who don’t totally look all that glad to be in the presence of such a handsome man that is Olivier Giroud. Three of these players have constantly been linked with leaving Arsenal this summer so this could make for a great farewell card by August.

Now back to the shirt, I believe this is firmly the best shirt Puma has manufactured for Arsenal since taking over for Nike. In the past three seasons, we have seen extra white on the body of the shirt for no apparent reason and red on the sleeves that isn’t totally necessary. This past season featured a straight line of darker tone red from the neck down and I’m still not sure on the thought process for it.

I think Puma really cleaned up their design on this shirt, the collar is simple and a nice touch. It does have a darker red tone than in the previous versions, but not Highbury ‘06 dark. My only real complaint on this shirt, is Puma still insists on having white shoulders. The sleeve starts after the shoulder, and that’s where the white should begin!

White shorts of course with white socks that look to fade upwards to red. I can dig it. I was big fan of Puma’s first year where we wore hooped socks all season. Overall, this is a major upgrade for us, and now I can go all summer imagining Alexis staying and a couple of certain Monaco players holding this up in their press conference as we announce the pair.