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Tuesday cannon fodder: what do you want to read?

Let’s talk.

German NSA Investigation Committee Considers Typewriters Out of Data Leak Concerns As Sales Rise Photo by Adam Berry/Getty Images

In lieu of links today, I want to ask you some questions. A while back, when we wrote our “thanks to Arsenal’s form, we’re bereft of good ideas” post, an intrepid commenter thought we might be asking for post ideas. Well, we weren’t, not directly, but as I said in those comments, we’re always on the lookout for post ideas.

So here we are, saying “hey, what’s your idea?” Basically, with the season winding down, we’ll do our usual slew of review-type posts, and the summer transfer season will of course be covered. But what sorts of other things would you like to see us tackle? What questions do you want us to try to answer? What is something you’ve thought “I wish those amazing people at the short fuse dot com would just talk about this!”

I can’t guarantee we’ll write 2,500 words about every single thing y’all suggest, but we would love to hear about things you want to hear about. Whether it’s a simple question we can answer in the comments, a more complex issue that requires some depth, or even something you’ve thought of that might be fun, we’d love to hear what you’re thinking.

Let’s hear it! Give us your great ideas, and we’ll do our best to turn them into great writing.